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Free Session Styling Service for all CLP families | Lake County IL Family Photographer

 A lot of families (myself included!)become seriously overwhelmed when trying to plan and coordinate outfits for sessions.There are so many choices, colors, styles, and patterns! With our busy lives, it becomes hard to find time to shop! So with that in mind, I wanted to find something for my CLP families that would help ease the burden of outfit coordinating. I was on Instagram and saw another photographer from Texas using this program and I reached out to her about it. Thats when I stumbled upon this amazing style   Hopefully this will give you some help in coordination, where you don’t even have to leave your house in order to shop! So, you just relax and sip on some wine while the site does the work for you. Cheers! Xo

 Here is how it works…

After you book your session I’ll send you a link to the tool along with your access code – that will allow you to use the tool for free! Once logged in you then answer a few questions. These questions include things like how many people are in your family and what size do they wear, what type of look are you going for (traditional, Boho, Hipster, etc), and what type of color scheme you are going for.

Here is what the questionnaire looks like: Really simple!


This is what came up when I selected Boho vintage and greens and yellows. So many cute things for both boys and girls!

styling sessions family


Here is what a final session for a family of 5 styled looked like with blues and yellows. I also added accessories as well as an option. This was done in 5-10 minutes! Then you email it to yourself and it gives you the links of where to buy items! Easy peasy!

Below is an actual CLP client who used the styling service.

This  is the email she received with the items for where to shop.

And their amazing session! 🙂

styling family photography

This will be perfect for any  outdoor session with CLP, even newborn and indoor sessions. Anything to make life easier for my clients!

The tool is constantly being updated with new clothing and it’s season specific (so it’s probably too early to start shopping for your Fall session now). So if you don’t find the perfect outfit today check back in a week and you might find the perfect ensemble. If you have a session booked with me and have not received info about this, let me know and I’ll send it your way. I would love to help you look your best and feel comfortable on the day of your session!