Johnson Family Part 1 | San Antonio, TX Travel Photographer

I was so excited when my cousin, Alan, and his wife flew me out to San Antonio to photograph and meet their new sweet baby boy, Beau, who is 6 months old!  Beau is such a smiley, happy, little boy and just the cutest. And those rolls, I mean c’mon! It was a breath of fresh air being able to photograph somewhere else for a change and I’m so grateful for this opportunity and to meet the newest Johnson family member! 🙂

San Antonio, TX Travel Photographer

“How can it be
That you and me
Have already lived
A half a year together

How is it so
That 6 months Ago
I first saw your face
And counted your toes

You’re my very first last
And it’s hard to let go
As fun as it is
To watch as you grow

First a smile
Then a giggle
Then a squirm
And a wiggle

You Found your hands
Then your feet
And they’re so fun to eat

And I cherish every one
As you discover the world
I discover more love

You’re my very first last
And I love you endlessly
All the way to the stars

And deeper than the sea.”

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