SLR Camera Basics Class- Lake County, IL Photographer

I was debating for quite awhile to do a basic SLR class and I just got such a great response from others asking me to put together one that I decided nows the time! I’m very excited to announce I am putting together a class this April. It just seemed a natural fit for me, being both a photography teacher and a professional photographer to do a class like this. I’m big on learning by doing and my goal for the class will be for you to feel confident with your own camera, and to get better photos of your children, friends, and family. Class size will be kept small, around 5-7 people so that you get individual attention learning about your camera.


Date: Saturday,April 18th from 1-3:30 pm in Volo, IL



What will your learn:

  • Basic settings of your camera, broken down in easy to understand terms (aperture, shutter speed, ISO )
  • Getting out of auto mode for good and making sure you feel confident in manual mode
  • Understanding of lighting and correct exposure
  • What settings are good to start with capturing your on-the-move kiddos
  • I believe in learn by doing. If the weather is good on this date in April, we will work outside together and put what you learned to the test.
  • Tips that you can take with you and try with your family once the class is complete
  • An informal Q and A to ask those nagging questions you’ve wanted to ask about your specific camera. There is no such thing as a silly question!


  • Snacks and small packet of information will provided with info covered in class.

If you are interested in signing up, please email me at to reserve a spot. Can’t wait to share my passion of photography with all of you!